The Day Before – Yun-Woo Son

Frankly, I don’t remember much

About what happened in the past.

All I know was that it was Thursday,

The day before the last.


Everyone was sharing joy, for

Friday was nearly here.

But what we didn’t know, we didn’t see

Is that Friday would disappear.


“So then Thursday is the last day!

Why call it the day before?”

Well, nature doesn’t work time for us

Because doing so would be a chore.


Friday was the last day of 

The week when things were fine.

No one thought that it was the start

Where things would begin to decline.


But Thursday was at least okay

I still had lots of fun. I

Remember playing games in gym 

Without knowing they’d be my last ones.


I remember the joy of meeting friends

The joy of talking and chatting 

The joy of linking arms together 

The joy of giggling and laughing. 


I smile to this day when I

Think of the happy days

It makes me grateful while being stuck in

What seems like a horror maze. 


Some might say, “Stop looking back!

Don’t dwell on such a past!”

Ah, but, sometimes that’s all we do if it was

The day before the last