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The Student News Site of Shaker High School

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The Student News Site of Shaker High School

The Shaker Bison

2023-2024 Staff

Lead Web Manager

Hana Kim

Hana Kim is a sophomore and the lead web manager. In her free time, she enjoys reading, playing tennis, and listening to music. 


Samya Madhukar

Samya Madhukar (she/her), a sophomore at Shaker, is serving her second year as a staff writer for the Bison. She is on the varsity swim team and is a member of Model UN. When not lost in the writings of Anthony Doerr, Dan Brown, an...


Kierra Quinn

Keira Quinn (She/Her) is a junior and staff writer for The Shaker Bison. When she’s not writing, you can find her in rehearsal, playing with her cat, or at work in the gallery. Keira’s passionate about many subjects, but her ke...


Mahala Rootes

Hello, my name is Mahala Rootes and this is my first year writing for the Bison. I am a junior and I enjoy writing articles about sports.


Shashank Raj Boosa

My name is Shashank Raj Boosa. I’m currently an 11th grade student at Shaker High School. I love playing a variety of sports. I am part of the podcast team. 


Renat Gosmanov

My name is Renat Gosmanov (he/him) and I am a sophomore. This is my first year here and I am part of the podcast team.


Nolan Parra

Hello, my name is Nolan Parra (He/they). I am a freshman, and I am a part of the podcast team. Some things I enjoy are math, drawing (especially digitally), hockey, and baseball.


Krithik Chirra

My name is Krithik Chirra. I’m currently an 11th grade student at Shaker High School. I play Varisty volleyball and played JV tennis last year.


Michael Green

Michael Green (he/him) is a sophomore lead podcast member and a staff writer for the Shaker Bison Newspaper. His sports include playing soccer in school and out of school, running track and for leisure, swimming for school, a...

Solomiia Valihunda
Editor in Chief

Solomiia Valihunda

My name is Solomiia, I am a senior at Shaker High School, and the editor-in-chief of the Shaker Bison Newspaper for the ‘23-’24 school year. I have always held a deep admiration for news reporting and journalism, and have hence ...

Video team

Rishabh Saha

Rishabh Saha (he/him) is an 11th grade Video Producer on the Shaker Bison. When he’s not busy with schoolwork, you can see him dealing with wiring on the Shaker Robotics team, or coding several different programs in Coding Cl...

Lead Writer

Sarah Conroy

Sarah Conroy (She/Her) is a Senior at Shaker High School and this is her first year as a the Lead Writer fourth year with The Bison as a member of the writing team. Sarah is also the Treasurer of Russian club and a lead consult...

Podcast, Writer

Surya Bommasani

Surya Bommasani (he/him) is a podcast member and staff writer for the Shaker Bison. He is a part of the school’s volleyball and tennis teams and participates in other clubs such as the robotics team, key club, and environment...

Writer, Podcast

Sam Dunsker

Sam Dunsker (he/him) is a staff writer and podcast team member for the Shaker. I’m a member of Student Government and SOS club.  I love to watch and play sports, read and run outside of school.

Video team, Writer

Rui Zheng

Rui Zheng (he/him) is a Video Producer and Writer at the Shaker Bison. A sophomore, this is his second year with this club. In his free time, he enjoys painting & running track/XC and is a member of NAHS, Science Olympiad, Visi...

Gia Patel
Podcast, Web manager

Gia Patel

Gia Patel (she/her/hers) is a junior at Shaker High School. Gia is a part of the podcast and a web manager for The Shaker Bison. She enjoys reading very much in her spare time with a couple candles lit and a cozy blanket. Gia al...

Writer, Video team

Abiel Tesfaye

Abiel Tesfaye (they/them or he/him) is a video producer and writer at the Shaker Bison. He is a sophomore and his first year with this club.In his free time, he likes reading, world-building,and a member of other clubs(ex. Key...

Social media, Web manager

Daniella Morgan

Daniella Morgan (she/her) is a Sophomore at Shaker High School. She is a web manger for the shaker bison aswell as a member of the social media team. When she isn't at school, she enjoys reading, spending time with freinds and...

Staff Writer

Dylan DeBiccari

I am a sports writer in 11th grade. I love sports and I feel I'm very passionate when writing about them. I also lovew to hangout with friends and spend time with my family.

Lead editor

Christina Cheng

Hi I’m Christina and I’m the head of the editing team this year. This is my third year participating in the Bison. In my free time, I like to take walks, practice hand lettering, play cello, and scroll through Pinterest. I...

Lead Social Media

Anya Vedhathiri

Hi, I'm Anya Vedhathiri and I am the leader of our Social Media Team! I'm a sophomore and my hobbies are art and theatre.

Web Manager

Hannah Nune

I am in 10th grade and this is my second year in the Shaker Bison. I am in web management because I want to help design the bison website.

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