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Asked by students, answered by students.

Our advice column is open to all students! Please don’t hesitate to ask our editorial team any questions.

Google Form – Submit Your Questions for Advice Here

Points to keep in mind:
– Though emails are collected, all responses will be reported as anonymous, either with Pen Names or the name “Anonymous.” We hope to respect everyone’s privacy while keeping safety in mind.
– Both the question and the advice will be posted on the Bison Newspaper website. The question will be published exactly as submitted, except for needed grammatical changes.
– If you don’t include a Pen Name, we will refer to you as “Anonymous”
– The link to this Google Form is posted on our website and sent out on a monthly basis, so you can submit questions at any point during the year!

Please note that this advice column is primarily meant to have some lighthearted fun amidst a difficult year. If you would like help with more serious or urgent issues, please do not hesitate to reach out to our high school guidance counselors: 

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Need Some Advice?