Isabella Estevez

I’ve looked forward to this year since the moment I came into high school as a freshman. I was full of excitement and anxiety as each year of high school passed. Seniors that graduate before you always say “the four years go by so quick”. I used to think that was a cheesy line they would tell me until I became a senior myself. I used to go to another high school before I came to Shaker. I never imagined graduating anywhere else than where I was. I came to Shaker as a new senior this school year. I was anxious that I wouldn’t make new friends and have support during my last year of high school in an entirely different school. Then I found pretty great friends that I hope to keep for the rest of my life. Things looked up, my senior year was going great until the pandemic arose. I was shocked, frustrated, upset and most of all disappointed that my senior year was going to be nothing like I imagined it to be. But everyday we have been in quarantine it has made me appreciate everything and everyone I have. I will definitely never forget this year, I will never forget the people that have tried to raise my spirits during these hard times, and most definitely I will never forget graduating from Shaker High.