Movie Review – Little Women


If you’re anything like me, it’s rare that a movie will interest you enough to spend the inordinate amount of money it costs to see it in theaters. However, the latest movie adaptation of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott was well worth the cost. While I haven’t read the novel, the film was filled with masterful performances and beautiful directing. Even for those who aren’t fans of classic literature, the movie is still enjoyable. It follows the story of the March sisters, Amy, Beth, Jo, and Meg, each with distinct personalities traits that interact in complex ways with one another. The director, Greta Gerwig, dissects her directing style in Vanity Fair’s video, “Little Women Notes on a Scene.” In this, she explains how scenes from their childhoods were intertwined with adulthood. Gerwig used different coloration in the scenes to convey differences in moods for both of those time periods. That tiny detail makes a big difference in how the scenes throughout the movie affect you deeply, even if you’re unaware that that’s what Gerwig is doing. Even beyond the fantastic directing in Little Women, there are no actors that fall short in their performances. Florence Pugh portrays Amy March passionately, really expressing Amy’s headstrong demeanor and fiery attitude. Saiorse Ronan probably has the most screen time and plays a memorable Jo March. The movie plays on the feminist lens of the novel itself, and this is seen most clearly with Jo’s character. Jo has a beautifully thought-provoking character arc, with several insightful monologues that are delivered exquisitely by Saiorse Ronan. The stellar acting and gorgeous cinematography in Little Women makes it easy to become invested in the characters and fall in love with their story.