Couch Joyner

From Mrs.Murray’s Sports and Literature Class

Matthew Otis and Reo Reid

If you run Shaker track you know who Coach Joyner is. Joyner is one of the most dynamic people you’d probably ever meet in your life.  Not only is he a father, but he is also a teacher and a coach. We wanted to know what it’s like being a former athlete himself and also coaching right now as an adult.  

Growing up, Joyner attended Guilderland high school where he played multiple sports. He was a 3 season athlete playing football, basketball and also ran track.  We asked him what he likes about track and he responded with “ Track wasn’t my first sport. I liked football and basketball better. I didn’t really like track. I only did it because I was good at it and playing multiple sports was an easy way to make friends.”

In college Joyner ran track and competed on the collegiate level while also studying counseling which would help him later on in his coaching career. 

At first Joyner didn’t have any intent of coaching track for high school; he was actually approached by Mike Palmer who asked him if he wanted to coach the boys track team of which he had no prior experience coaching. Nevertheless, he took on the challenge and coached the boys jumps until outdoor season when he started coaching the girls team and has been coaching them ever since.  

We asked Joyner, “if he could describe his coaching style in one word what would it be?”. With little to no thought he chose the word flexible, because of his degree in counseling and working with different kids during the day he is able to get an insight into the minds of adolescents which helps with his style of coaching. In his words, he likes to “adjust” his style towards the people he coaching so its specific to that person.

When interviewing some of the many athletes that Joyner has coached over the years we received a number of different responses. Some say that “he’s rough” and some say that “he’s very nice”. This is understandable because he likes to be specific to each person, his style varies from athelete to athelete.

When asked what inspires him to keep coaching, he replied that “growth” inspires him.  He likes to see his athletes grow not only as athletes but as people as well. He likes watching them achieve a new personal record and gain confidence in themselves and their abilities as an athlete.

Joyner’s biggest accomplishments in his coaching career are coaching his own daughter who now attends Binghamton College and is also the 200 meter record holder at Shaker High School as well as coaching the girls’ team which won sectionals in 2012.

Over the years Coach Joyner has had a pretty successful coaching career and not only  has he helped numerous boys and girls grow as athletes, but as people as well. They have also helped him grow as a person and a coach. He his proud to call himself a coach at Shaker High School.