Sabrina James, Writer

The homecoming is considered the greatest event of Shaker High School. This is because so much thought and work is put into the big event. Everything from the decorations, windows, to the actual game and dance is carefully organized. In this article of the Bison, I want to try and dissect what made Homecoming 2019 so amazing. To do this, I went to both the game and dance to compare the two. I wanted to see what each one had to offer. 

To start, let’s begin with the actual Homecoming game. The game was on September 27th at around 7 PM. But, it didn’t start then, it actually began with the pep rally that same day. The pep rally was crazy, there was so much cheering, acrobatics, parading and overall lots of cheerleading. A student commented that they liked the dancing just not “ the part where the dudes were shaking their butts.” I might have to agree with him. I was dying of second-hand embarrassment in the crowd, and I didn’t even know those people! Another said that the crowds were crazy. They certainly were enthusiastic. However, the pep rally was a pebble compared to the boulders of the other events. 

I went to the Homecoming Game that same day. One memorable moment was when puzzle league came out as the agro club when in reality, they were really puzzle league… Or was it the other way around? Shaker won 47-9 against Niskayuna and overall it was an enjoyable experience. However, the stands were really crowded and I was standing around for a long time. The seat I originally had got taken, and there was no way I could get it back. The game itself was okay, but in my opinion, it was the kinship that made it special. Also, the food, especially the nachos were a nice touch as the game was very long. But other people especially sports fans seemed to genuinely enjoy the game. One person said, “As a freshman football player, it was outstanding seeing them work so well together, and seeing them play like that only makes me want to strive to be as good as them. Or even maybe better.” This was a good experience to share with my friends, but the game would definitely be more enjoyable for full on Shaker enthusiasts or football fans. 

The best part of the homecoming experience was going to the dance. Some of the songs they played were “Taki Taki” by Cardi B, and “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls.Everyone was having fun, laughing and snacking on candy. It was spectacular!  A girl commented: “People enjoyed it.”, another said that it was super fun and she enjoyed the music. I can see why the Homecoming Dance is so highly regarded. At first, I thought it was all just hyped up, but I actually had such a great time. The place was so well decorated and there was a place to take pictures. People also stood outside because it became hot inside the building. You might not like it if you can’t stand crowds or formal attire. The hallway and gym was crowded and I lost my friends a few times, but overall it was good fun. I made a lot of new memories.

Overall, homecoming was a great experience and I recommend it to everyone to try at least once. For football fans or overall sports fans, the big game seems right up your alley. Since I don’t really understand football, I just liked talking to others. If your not a sports fan, you could still go with your friends to support Shaker if you can find a seat. For people more interested in parties and music, the dance would be perfect. Although, if your not such a big fan of large crowds or loud noises you may want to think about it more. It can be a bit stressful being in that situation but the candy and music was kind of worth it. So after you think about the pros and cons for each event you can decide if you’d like to go or go again. In my case, I might go to the dance again but I’m not so sure about the game. I can’t wait for the next Homecoming!