The Annual Pinterest 100

Isabella Snyder, Managing Editor

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A new year is upon us. A new year means new fashion trends or the return of old ones. Pinterest has compiled a useful list of common search terms that could make for major trends in 2019. Since people use Pinterest to shop and plan, Pinterest gets an early insight into consumer behavior and changing tastes. To identify emerging trends, their teams analyze search and save patterns for the past year. The annual Pinterest 100 forecasts what people will likely be engaging by using search data and behavior. The report covers everything from travel and food to home decor and, yes, beauty and fashion. Each category lists ten things likely to become a trend. In the fashion category, in 2018, Pinterest predicted the trend of wide leg pants, like on rompers, and embellished shoes. What does 2019 have in store for us according to Pinterest?

  1. Bamboo Bags
  2. Statement Sneakers
  3. Bike Shorts
  4. Wrap Dresses and Robe Coats
  5. Tortoise Jewelry
  6. Snake Prints
  7. Oval Sunglasses
  8. African Prints
  9. Ruching
  10. Sustainable Fashion