Library Controversy

Library Controversy

Jules Morrell , Shane Lavender, and Joe Case

Constantly, we hear people complaining about the library rules, such as 4 to a table, no standing by a table, or no eating. Multiple people get kicked out and we just want to know why so often. The students and librarians have many opinions on the rules and we also have some solutions. The rules made are limiting and many people do not enjoy them. There is no reason someone should be kicked out simply for doing such a quick and quiet task. So what rules do kids find unfair and what can we do about them??


Why are the library’s rules seen as if they were instituted by those who do not take a students opinion about our school into account? This is because they enforce rules that have not always been in place such as no eating in the library. When we could eat in the library the students seemed happier. People had spaces to get work done (the desks with walls surrounding them) and places people could socialize (the tables that can seat easily six people). Then new rules were implemented such as no more than four to a table, no eating in the library and one must have work in front of them to stay. These rules, along with other changes, lead to students expressing their dislike with the library in a public manor. When asked about the librarians and the rules, a student that wishes to be unnamed stated, “They are enforcing their rules very wrong”. This feeling runs through many students in the library from boys to girls and from athletes to theater kids. Both ends of the spectrum demonstrate dislike in the rules. Nitin Obla says, “Give me five to a table or give me death”. If this doesnt show a dislike of something, I don’t know what does. Two years ago the school officials put up a bookshelf in the middle of the seating area to hopefully break up students and cause less talking. However this seems to be very ineffective, the wall actually made it worse.This makes the students that have no academic work to complete to congregate in a smaller area thus making it hard for students to hear each other speaking and creating a loud environment. Kids have taken a notice to this such as Xavier Mein. When asked, Xavier said, “Ever since they built the wall nothing has been the same”. Students show their dislike for these rules everyday and even have given suggestions to fix it.


The librarians seem to understand our struggles, but do nothing about them. When asked the question “Do you know why the kids complain?” one librarian, Mrs. Cardona, answered,  “We understand why the kids are upset but we also need to keep the library in order”. The librarians see it as if the rules were not in place the library would be total chaos. To a degree, we understand this. However, if students are calmly doing work and not being disruptive, we believe they should not be punished for breaking the rules. It is in the rare occasion that students are being loud, obnoxious, and distracting others from doing their work is when a they should be kicked out. The librarians get a lot of back talk when enforcing the rules, but they are not the ones who create them. The rules are created by upper level administrators, according to an unnamed librarian. So the librarians understand our struggle, but they need to be a little more lenient because in the end, it is our space to do work and talk with friends. 


Something needs to be done to help create a better environment in the library and there are many solutions. For example, we should make a quiet area in the library. There are many sections to the library when you walk in. The desks in the back that are singular are completely available to students. If students are in any way, shape, or form, irritated by any sound, those students can go sit in that zone. It is very quiet there. Also, the couches in the library caused the library to be significantly louder. These allow people to sit comfy and lay with friends. It makes it seem like you’re not even in a library and sound doesn’t matter. If the couches were removed, we could add more tables. The tables give more seats to students and will cause the seating to be limited to 4 people a table like asked. Lastly, one more solution to the “problems” the library obtains is creating an area for the seniors. Seniors, at this point in highschool, are ready to leave. We all do work, but we also want to talk and hang out with our friends. The library has turned into a place where they don’t let us do this. Therefore, if there was one room in the school available, or added with the ongoing construction, it could be turned into a room for seniors. I truly believe this could lessen the sound and maintain calmness in the library.


Throughout our experience in the high school, the library turned into a place that was no longer as enjoyable. The rules cause for students to be upset and irritated leading to more problems. Students express their feelings to the librarians and nothing has seemed to happen. We would like a change and solutions to obtain an enjoyable senior year and library for all students.