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Unusual Thanksgiving Traditions of Shaker High: Survey Edition


We all seem to forget about Thanksgiving when the holiday season rolls around. Though Thanksgiving may not be as widely celebrated or appreciated by most people (as compared to Christmas or New Year’s) it is nevertheless a day filled with warmth and laughter for many families around the country. If you are looking for some inspiration for next year’s festivities or are simply curious, here are some of the interesting and fun traditions that students at Shaker participate in with their families. 


Early bird gets the worm

Being dragged to run the Turkey Trot 5K, or even a 10K if ambitious enough, is a fun way to start the day for many. Others rise bright and early and dive into preparations for early 3 pm feasting. Of course, a nap before the meal is always an ideal choice as well.


Turkey boycott

Turkey is the highlight of American Thanksgiving dinner, but many choose other meats and foods over the infamous bird. Many roast a rotisserie chicken either along with the turkey or as a substitute. Others stick to the pig each year. And better yet, some people don’t even have turkey but…just pizza or lasagna!


Around the world

From Polish dumplings, Furfur, a traditional Ethiopian breakfast stuffing, and Peking (Beijing) roast duck to tacos, pan con pollo (bread with chicken) and curry to substitute gravy, connecting with personal heritage is something that is always cherished at Thanksgiving dinner. 


Moisture comes first

Ever heard of making your turkey with mayonnaise? That’s one way one family keeps their turkey moist. 


Barn visit

This family spends the holiday on their grandparents’ farm. It’s the perfect place to go on a walk and visit the animals before supper, as well as maintain a connection with those dear animals! 


Harvesting luck

Whether it’s breaking the wishbone or buying a plethora of scratch-off tickets to do before feasting, Thanksgiving always includes fun activities of wishful thinking for many. 


Turkey disguise

Wrapping the turkey in bacon each year is surely tedious, but it sure does make for an interesting appearance and most definitely delectable, unforgettable taste. 


Gravy galore

A huge pot of gravy to go in the table’s center for everyone to dip their food in fondue style! 


Peppermint pig

In the Victorian tradition that originated not so far away in Saratoga, everyone hits the peppermint pig with a hammer before digging into the crunchy candy shell.


Turkey bowling

Perhaps the better alternative to a bowling ball is helping knock a few extra pins over.


Post-dinner bonding

Knee hockey tournaments in the living room, hot potato with a red onion, family member impersonations…sure to make stomachs ache even more. 



From the running race in which the loser gets a pie to the face, to the neighborhood potluck where the kids smeared the face, arms, and legs with pumpkin pie. Some of our students may not have the best of holiday luck. 



Cousin Danny plays Irish bagpipes to honor the living and deceased.



Ever tied a chicken to a wooden oak pole and chanted Chinese hymns while in a circle formation around it? Hard to beat if you ask me…


Regardless of whether you celebrate or participate in any odd, interesting traditions for Thanksgiving each year, we hope your holiday break was filled with joy, relaxation, and a bit more gratitude for the things that surround you. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Christina Cheng, Lead editor
Hi I’m Christina and I’m the head of the editing team this year. This is my third year participating in the Bison. In my free time, I like to take walks, practice hand lettering, play cello, and scroll through Pinterest. I’m looking forward to contributing to the great ideas everyone has this year for the newspaper!

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