Senior Reflections

One last year. One last month. One last week. One last day.

It used to be four more years, and then three, then two. Now it’s only a few mere weeks left until it’s the end of another era, and a start of a new one at the same time. It used to be, “It’ll take forever to get through highschool!” but now it’s, “That went by fast.” So much has happened during the high school career of not only myself, but my peers. We lived through the pandemic and the extra stress and isolation caused by it and the tragedy of a few members of our school. We’ve been through the crazy hybrid school system, wondering who would get sick next. And now, we’re about to walk down the aisle to pick up the very thing we’ve spent all of our lives trying to achieve. 


I have met many wonderful people during these past few years, who have helped me grow and learn more about who I am. To my teachers, I may never stop saying thank you, for guiding me throughout pretty much, everything. Goodbye to these blue painted walls and stairs that I climbed up far too many times to count. Goodbye to the courtyard that I had a few sunny days in, goodbye to all the lockers I’ve had (but never used), goodbye to my bag stuffed with homework I desperately completed. Goodbye to all the things that I have left behind me. 


Hello to what I still have ahead of me.