Mr. Corr’s Retirement


On January 31, 2023, if you haven’t heard already,  Superintendent Joseph Corr retired from his service as our superintendent. Mr.Corr first started at the school district teaching summer school in 1981.   This led to him eventually teaching Social Studies and English at the Junior High School. He then transitioned to Social Studies at Shaker High School, to Social Studies supervisor and so on. Eventually, he became Superintendent and served in that position for 12 years. He was the 5th Superintendent of the North Colonie School District and served a total of 42 years in the district and 50 years in education. 

Mr.Corr wanted to thank his family, Board President Linda Harrison and Deputy Superintendent Kathleen Skeals for their support and understanding. He also wanted to praise the district in general for their commitment. He was best known for moving sixth graders into the Junior High, changing the hall names of the Junior High,  his continued interest in school renovations, and his messages to the community found on the North Colonie website. Of course we cannot forget Mr.Corr’s immediate action during the first outburst of the COVID pandemic. He paused schooling when the pandemic was first brought up and then implemented a hybrid South/North system to ensure the safety of students while also allowing them to get the most of their education. After students raised concerns over the building names in the Shaker Junior High being named after slave owners, it was promptly changed under his leadership. He was a man who greatly cared about the community and took measures to ensure that students felt safe and comfortable in the district. 

Mr.Corr will be remembered for his commitment to safety, understanding, academics and overall positive influence on the school.