Shakers ¨Barncast¨ have made football games entertaining again. The Barncast has reached 1,000 followers on Instagram in just a few short weeks.

Have you seen the eight-minute videos highlighting Shaker’s finest moments? This simple yet brilliant idea has people wanting more as every week gets better and better. You should see for yourself the work that goes up every week on the @shakerbarnyard Instagram. Barncast was created from a simple idea: two guys in suits would interview students and run news-like shows throughout the games. The videos are made for a wide audience because they include highlights from the games that are amazingly put together, hilarious interviews with peers, as well as hype moments from the Barn. 

I interviewed my good friend Michael Pisinski, Co-Host and creator of The Barncast.  ¨We wanted to make a platform where we could bring what happens in our student section to everyone.”

Barncast is the future of Shaker media and will be a staple for the school. As of right now, plans for the Barncast remain unknown. Mike said, ¨We aren’t really sure. Football is Shaker’s biggest event, therefore it makes it easy for us to be there. We would like to cover at least one sport a season for the rest of the year, but the answer for now is unknown.¨

  The popularity has grown fast, reaching 1,000 followers on Instagram is no easy task. Mike exclaimed, ¨1,000 is a big milestone for us. We’re extremely excited about how much growth we have seen and how people are truly interested in what we’re putting out there. With that being said, if we can reach that amount, who’s to say we can’t double it by the New Year? ¨

All three of the members of the Barncast work extremely hard to push out the best content possible. He told me they get around an hour of footage throughout the game. They also aim for eight-minute videos which means a lot of editing, behind the scenes, and deciding what makes the cut and what does not, which takes up the bulk of the time. I, as well as many other people, are very appreciative of the work they put into these videos and it inspired me to make this article and spread the news about such amazing content.


Check it out below! ↓↓↓