Attention all Harry Potter fans!


Have you ever dreamed of the Hogwarts house competitions coming to life?  If you have, you’re in luck! Premiering on November 28, at 8pm on TBS and Cartoon Network, a piece of the Harry Potter world came to life! Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter film, we are presented with, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses Quiz Show.  Hosted by Helen Mirren, this four-night Harry Potter game show was exciting yet stressful to watch as you cheered for your Hogwarts house. Not only were there house tournaments included in this show, but also special guests right out of the Harry Potter movies such as Tom Felton!  Only one house can win, so good luck to all your houses. 


The Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses Quiz Show was an interesting and satisfying series of episodes to watch.  The host, Helen Mirren, was excellent.  She got excited  yet was calm, a perfect “headmistress.”  Not only was the host amazing, but the set was too!  The set portrayed the Great Hall in Hogwarts stunningly.  It even had other aspects included from the films such as where the audience watched.  The audience watched in what looked like quidditch pillars.  This is where the audience in Harry Potter would watch if they were watching quidditch.  These are just some of the many exciting things that happen in this game show, so if you’re a Harry Potter fan, I would seriously consider watching this amazing show.