Travis Scott Tragedy


Very recently, a new tragedy has come to light. During popular rapper Travis Scott’s concert, a stampede occurred, causing multiple people to die, and many more injured. It was said that many even started screaming at him to stop the concert, but to no avail. The music didn’t pause until it was too late, and a few people had already lost their lives. In The Wall Street Journal, it was reported that nine year old, Ezra Blount,was the youngest of ten people to die on that fateful night. A case was then later opened, and it was then revealed that Scott had a bit of a record of doing stuff like this. In 2015, he was charged and arrested for encouraging his audience to run over the stage at Lollapalooza, and again in 2017 in Arkansas, stated Yahoo; eight people died at Lollapalooza, and a handful were injured at his concert in Arkansas. 


CNN stated that many of the concert’s audience were not  checked for evidence of having received the Covid vaccine to enter, adding more to the chaos that would later form. Even before the concert began, at least 260 people were being treated for numerous injuries, but then crush injuries started from others that were attending. It even got to the point of a Level One MCI – mass casualty incident –  declaration. And from 10 p.m. to 11:40 p.m., at least 17 people were sent to the hospital injured. 


Another child’s life was also lost in the midst of this tragedy. Fourteen year old Chris Hilgert was one among the many to have died that night. His parents spoke out about his passing, and even filed a lawsuit to make changes to all future concerts and their setups such as, adding more security measures, and medical facilities nearby to prevent another event like this. Perhaps it will make an impact, and make these festivals safer for audiences to enjoy. 


We have yet to know if Travis Scott will be hosting another concert anytime soon due to these events, but for now we are left with the deaths of many, and grieving families of those who were lost.