10 Easy Ways YOU Can Help Reduce Waste and Save Our Planet


Our planet is dying and we need to make some changes to help save it.  We owe everything to the earth.  Think about it, the earth has taken care of us and our ancestors for years and years, so now it’s time for us to take care of it.  If you want to join in to help save the earth, keep reading to find out 10 simple yet effective ways you can help!


  • Stop buying plastic bottled water

Did you know that about 8 million tons of plastic bottles end up in the oceans and seas EACH year!  If we don’t do anything about this now, it is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish.  Bottled water is a single-use item, so just invest in a reusable metal water bottle to drink your water from.  It will help a lot and keep your water colder.

  • Don’t use plastic bags, use reusable bags

Why use plastic bags when you can have cheap or even free reusable bags?  Reusable bags are inexpensive and worth the investment.  They are also way healthier for the environment than plastic bags.  So many plastic bags are killing animals and getting stuck in trees every day, so join the trend of switching to reusable bags today.

  • Recycle 

Although this “rule” sounds obvious, many people around the world don’t take time to recycle and this must stop.  Some people, on the other hand, just don’t know what to recycle and therefore don’t.  An easy way to check to see if something is recyclable is to check the label.  On most items, there is a label that says “recycle” or “don’t recycle.”  So check those labels and start recycling efficiently now.

  • Use bamboo products other than plastic

Bamboo products are easy to purchase and can get put back into the earth, unlike plastic products. Bamboo products can actually be cheaper than plastic ones.  So next time you need a new toothbrush or hairbrush think about purchasing the bamboo product of those items to help our earth. 

  • Buy in bulk

In case you don’t know what buying in bulk is, it is pretty much when you buy something in a bigger size/amount.  How does this help the Earth?  Well, do you see how much packaging is usually on food when you buy it?  It’s a lot more than what is necessary.  Buying something in bulk usually uses close to no packaging, therefore being better for the environment.  Buying in bulk can also be less expensive. 


  • Don’t litter

Littering is harmful and disgraceful to our planet.  Things like plastics, metals, and rubbers can’t go back into the earth and should not just be thrown onto the ground.  It is harmful to our planet.  There are garbage pails pretty much everywhere you go, so take a few extra steps toward that garbage pail instead of spreading waste to our planet. 

  • Don’t leave the lights on

Leaving the lights on, especially when you’re out of the house, is a very easy way to waste resources. The electricity bills just keep piling up and the amount of electricity wasted is countless. Just remember to turn off the lights! 

  • Take shorter showers/don’t leave water running

Why should you take shorter showers?  A shorter shower saves gallons of water and energy used to heat the water.  So the next time you shower be aware of how long you spend in it. 

  • Spread awareness

Go out and spread the word of the ways you could reduce the waste on our planet today.  This can be very helpful because if you tell people about what you learned today, they too can stop doing the many harmful things that hurt our planet.

  • Volunteer 

When more people volunteer, more work gets done.  Plus, it would give you something to do.  There are always volunteer opportunities, so the next time you come across one try to do it.