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Darren’s Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts #1

Darren Duan, Social Media, Podcast

I feel like randomly writing about random things today, so I guess I’ll use this space to do that.    So what’s with bees? I think everyone respects bees, but not a single person likes them. Like an uncle you know exists, but never really want to associate with. And when a small, flying, pain-inducing kamikaze lands on you, the fear that takes over grapples with the idea that staying s...

Random Thoughts #2

Darren Duan, Social Media, Podcast

I’m just gonna write these when I feel like it I guess.   I used to have this neighbor who would do the craziest things, and I would just follow along with him because of my inability to say no. Also because he interested me to the highest degree. I talk about him like he moved away or died, but no. He still lives near me, I just haven’t associated with him in years, and therefore he is...

Darren’s Random Thoughts #3

Darren Duan, Contributing Writer

I’m bored, so let’s do some random thoughts.  Bias is a really powerful thing, isn’t it? I mean, everyone already knew that. But really, bias is something that is deeply rooted in who we are as a person, like a parasite with roots digging into the surface of our memories. It’s the reason that Twitter arguments never change anyone’s opinion, or real arguments for that matter. Overturn...

Random Thoughts #4
A Quick Thought: Defining Happiness

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