A Day of Dave: Chapter 2

Isabella O and Leina Dunn

(Before you start reading, you should know this story is based off our beloved bus driver and lunch monitor Dave!  You should also know this is all for jokes.  Hope you enjoy it! :)) 


Day 2: Dave’s Revenge

I wake up to another day of Dave, but this is not a normal day of Dave.  I still have a headache from the horrible day before! It’s so bad I still can hear the chants of  “Dave! Dave! Dave!” ringing in my ear.  Then it hits me.  I realize what I must do!  I rush into my car and speed down to the bus station, thinking of how great my evil plan is.  The first kid gets on the bus, I glare at him as he walks past to a seat. When more kids board, I hear a yell and a bang. I look behind and see a nasty child with a bloody nose. Before he can open his mouth, I halt the bus and kick him out. He tries to cry, yell, and scream. Yet in a blink of an eye, he’s on the curb and I’m driving away. 

I see the kids staring at me, I hear the whispers, I hear the fear. This is nice, I think to myself. They get off the bus, and I start to do my plan.  I rush to Walmart and buy some cupcakes, wasabi, and soap. When I get to the school, I see the three girls, grinning, ready to beg, plead, and yell for their cupcakes. I see their big eyes and  big smile as I hand them each a perfect, chocolate frosted, vanilla cupcake. They say “Dave! Dave! Dave! Do you have some more?” I grin and say “just have a bite!” They all sink their teeth into the treat. And I watch as their  grins change into frowns of disgust. I laugh, clap, and scream “Yes! Yes! Yes! I’ve tricked you, and what do you have but a mouthful of wasabi and soap!” 

I have planted worms, beetles, and bats inside their food. I hear the cries and screams. But what do I care? It is finally Dave! Dave! Dave’s Day!

As I drive some more kids home, I can see my mission is a success. I look behind and I can tell those three girls told their friends. I am the king of this school! I am respected and feared.  Nobody can ever bring me down.  I hear a girl yell she missed her stop but what do I care?  No, out the window she goes!  It is Dave! Dave! Dave’s day!  I go home, eat my supper, and finally fall asleep with a smile on my face. 


( That’s it for the second chapter…if you want to see what happens next stay tuned for the next issue of the Shaker Bison Newspaper!!!)