A Day of Dave: Chapter 3

Day 3: The War


I wake up with a smile. I don’t hear any cries of “Dave! Dave! Dave!” I guess I’m gonna have to keep my evil plan up. I walk into my kitchen, grab a hot sauce bottle and walk out the door.  

The first kid gets on my bus, and I smirk as he silently walks to the back of the bus with a scared look on his face.  Finally, he has learned to not cause a ruckus!  I am enjoying my day greatly until I look behind my chair to see shaving cream all over my bus. I thought they learned not to mess with me!  I try to yell “Stop right now!” But all I hear is “Take that! Dave! Dave! Dave! You can’t stop us now!”  Cheerios are thrown, there’s yelling, screaming, and chanting.  I stop the bus and yell “everyone out!” but all I hear is “DAVE! DAVE! DAVE!”  The monster children jump at me and in the blink of an eye, I’m drenched in jam, water, milk, and tea. 

We finally somehow make it to school,  and I scream at the kids, throwing hot sauce in all their eyes.  This is war.

I get to the lunchroom and see the annoying girls with cupcakes in their hands.  I walk over hot sauce in hand about to ruin their cupcakes when they start to yell, scream, and cry “DAVE! DAVE! DAVE!” They throw their cupcakes in my face.  It’s total war. There are screams of “DAVE! DAVE! DAVE!” everywhere,  There are food fights and I’m covered in everything you could imagine; pizza, meatballs, pasta and sauce.  I can’t do this anymore I think.  I then run away, and jump into my car. “Why? Why? Why?” I ask myself as I drive, drive, drive, past the red lights, home.  But when I finally lay on my bed…

I wake up, I look at my clock, What just happened?  Was this all a dream…?


( That’s it for the short story of Day of Dave!  I hope you enjoyed it!)