The White Teddy Bear

From my grandmas house,

Where she got it from her mother,

was a white teddy bear.

The baby blue dress with white polka dots

And the matching bow.

I always adored her.


From her little chair,

I picked her up.

We danced, sang, and snuggled.

We told each other secrets,

Or just sat in each other’s embrace.

I have always wanted it for my own.

Because of my grandmother passing,

Now it’s mine.


The white teddy bear is now there for me,

When my grandmother isn’t.

The teddy bear reminds me of her.

It brings back memories of me at her house,

Spending time together.

Where all three of us would

Dance and sing and snuggle.

Tell each other secrets,

Or just sit in each other’s embrace.

Me, my grandmother, and the white teddy bear.

— Madylin Victorin, sophomore