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What’s the best way to beat quarantine boredom? Best pizza in Latham?



ear Shaker Bison, any advice on the best way to beat quarantine boredom? What is the best pizza in Latham? ~Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

I say find a hobby. Find something that you’ve always wanted to do and do it. With school it may be hard to have time but try it. I picked up a couple of hobbies that not only kept me entertained but helped reduce stress and anxiety. You could learn knitting or pick up an instrument you’ve always wanted to learn. The possibilities are endless. 

Forget about pizza. It’s overdone, and boring, even if it is risk-free. There’s this place called Taiwan Noodle, and their beef and noodles are top-notch. And their fried dough. Also amazing. So if you get tired of tomato sauce and cheese, try some of the best noodles in New York. Put some Lao Gan Ma in there for taste!

~ The Shaker Bison 

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