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What are some ways I can get rid of stress during quarantine?



ear Shaker Bison, What are some ways I can get rid of stress during quarantine? ~ Anonymous


Dear Anonymous,

Between schoolwork, being stuck at home and other stressors, many of us feel burnt out and distressed. We can’t see our friends as we used to, and many of us are finding ourselves isolated (not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.) 

Luckily, there are many ways to combat these feelings! With a quick Google search you can find many suggestions like meditation or working out, which may work for some. Sometimes, taking care of your physical health (whether it’s focusing on your breathing or doing some cardio) and forming a routine can relieve some of the day-to-day stress we feel.

But that doesn’t work for everyone. If you happen to be in this group, try indulging in the things you like to do. Set aside sometime each day to do something you enjoy, whether it’s dancing, singing along to your favorite song, watching your favorite movie, taking a nap, calling some friends, or whatever else helps you escape. 

Something that especially helps is reaching out to friends and other people. A lot of the stress during quarantine comes from our isolation, and a bunch of it can get bottled up inside. Whether it’s through text, call, FaceTime, social media, or Discord, connecting with friends can be a great way to share your feelings and relieve pressures that may be weighing on you.

No matter who you are, just remember: let yourself take a step back every so often! It’s easy to put yourself last and skip out on doing things for you, but we are all doing and experiencing a lot. It’s important to reward ourselves every now and then.

Hang in there!

~ The Shaker Bison

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