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Darren’s Random Thoughts #3

I’m bored, so let’s do some random thoughts. 

Bias is a really powerful thing, isn’t it? I mean, everyone already knew that. But really, bias is something that is deeply rooted in who we are as a person, like a parasite with roots digging into the surface of our memories. It’s the reason that Twitter arguments never change anyone’s opinion, or real arguments for that matter. Overturning a preconceived bias is like ripping that little parasite from its soil, and planting a new one that replaces it. I guess it can have deeper or shallower roots, but the fact that these roots can sink so deep is fascinating.

This Thanksgiving went about the same as Halloween. Uneventful, yet pleasant. Did we invite anyone over? No, of course not. We opted out of a turkey this year, since our family only has three people, and having an entire turkey seems like overkill. 

A turkey,

Lying on a table dissected. 

The family feasts.

The wine is out.

The children run about in noisy circles.

Parents talk

Children scream

A time to be remembered.

It feels strange to be bored. I have homework and stuff, but I know I won’t do it until tomorrow since it’s so late. So now I’m just sitting here. 

Speaking of turkeys, I find them extremely unsatisfactory. It’s probably because of how we cook it (maybe we put it in for too long) but it comes out too dry. And when it isn’t dry, it will be by the time it becomes leftovers a few days later. The bird is too big for even a large group of people to finish, and we always end up struggling to finish the dang thing over the course of a week. The whole experience is just a downwards sloping graph, as excitement drops over time. 

Why’s the turkey dry?

Hold on, don’t cry—

There’s always gravy.

So this year we didn’t have that. Quick thing about oatmeal, I found out on a camping trip that a lot of people eat oatmeal with barely any water in it, which I found strange. At our house, we eat oatmeal at the consistency of porridge. So when a guy there offered me a bowl that looked like a slightly more liquidy rice crispy treat, I was stunned. And that guy was equally so as he watched me take the bowl and empty the entirety of my water bottle into the bowl.

I think that’s it. Yep.

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