SARS in Nigeria


We talk about police brutality in the United States, but that’s not the only country it is occurring in. Let’s talk about Nigeria. In Nigeria, The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), which is a Nigerian Police Force unit that was created in 1992 after robberies became more prominent, is a large offender of police brutality.


The department was created to help the citizens of Nigeria. Instead, SARS officers have been misusing their power by wrongfully arresting, harassing, detaining, murdering, raping, and stealing money from the people they are supposed to be protecting.


“You know if I shoot you, nothing will happen. The highest anyone will do is cry justice on Twitter.” This is what Samuel Otigba, a victim of this cruelty, told CNN when he was stopped and harassed by a SARS officer for not bribing him to let Samuel go.


Now, you must be wondering, why hasn’t the Nigerian government done anything to stop this brutality? President Muhammad Buhari said that they will be investigating the brutality and says that they are taking their first step to extensive police reform. Mr. Buhari’s subordinates say that the officers will be deployed elsewhere in the police system. However, protesters say that this will not solve the problem.


You might be starting to piece together how this statement from the Nigerian President’s subordinates is not calming down protesters, but enraging them even more. Placing the officers in a different spot in the system will not fix anything as the whole department still exists. The SARS officers responsible for their wrongdoings should be brought to justice.