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Random Thoughts #1

I feel like randomly writing about random things today, so I guess I’ll use this space to do that. 


So what’s with bees? I think everyone respects bees, but not a single person likes them. Like an uncle you know exists, but never really want to associate with. And when a small, flying, pain-inducing kamikaze lands on you, the fear that takes over grapples with the idea that staying still is the only thing will save you– not the best feeling. 

 A couple of years ago I went to a summer camp (I don’t remember where, and it’s not important) and I was being a very boring person, sitting near a tree and just reading. There was some sort of a hedge maze nearby that was fairly large and the screams of children once in a while drifted out. Flipping a page, I realized that the sounds were becoming increasingly harsh to my ears and that the noise was getting a bit panicked. Looking up, I saw a stream of children rushing out of the maze entrance, all crying, and all terrified. I have no idea what I thought back then, but this would be hilarious to me now. A kid had stepped on a bumblebee hive that was on the ground (like small landmines I guess) and a swarm was awoken and stung everyone in the vicinity. Hence the parade of small screaming children. I felt bad for the kid who stepped on the hive, after hearing he’d been stung some amount around 10 times. So bees are scary. I forget the point I was trying to make, but I think we can all agree on that fact.


Short note about groundhogs, they’re very fat. I don’t know if all of them look this chubby, but sometimes one walks by, and I’ve never seen something look so jiggly in my life. Like a bunch of jello freshly emptied from a container. And as such, I feel justified in my thought that if I roasted a groundhog, it would be very tasty. 


Among Us is a good game that’s been getting pretty big recently– actually, I think someone wrote an article about it. I don’t know if it’ll still be big when this article comes out, but currently, it seems like it can’t be beaten. But that’s how most one-hit wonders seem, so we’ll have to see. Either way, the game is centered around social deduction and has gathered a sort of cult following, along with many casual fans. I myself think that pulling off an imposter game is a sort of high that can’t be achieved anywhere else in a healthy manner. I get way too stressed when I’m lying to people I’m playing with though, so it doesn’t feel like it’s good for my health, but it’s the only sort of social interaction I get with friends nowadays, and I’m not giving that up.

This is a statement that’s been said many times, but people want what they don’t have. Why I bring this up is because I realized that I want summer to come back as soon as possible. Ironically during the summer I really wanted school to come sooner because of how bored I was. Just how I want the warm weather to come back. 

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