Alex Trebek


Marina Walsh, Writer/Reporter

On November 7, Alex Trebek passed away. Trebek was the humble host of the trivia game show, “Jeopardy!” after hosting the show for thirty-six years. Throughout those thirty-six years, Trebek has brought joy and knowledge to many peoples’ households. Many will remember yelling at the TV and hoping their answers were right. Or if you’re in my household, you just try to say every possible thing to beat your parents to the correct answer.

Trebek has taught many people how knowledge is all encompassing. But with Trebek hosting “Jeopardy!” he’d always made sure learning was fun. His quick comebacks and puns were some of the best moments in game show history. He also made sure, over the years, to give back to many charities like PanCan, Hope of The Valley Rescue Mission, and Smile Train. He even started his own charity The Trebek Family Foundation in 2011.

Trebek will always be remembered as one of the best TV game show hosts. But more importantly, he will be remembered as a humble and charitable person who fought to show the power of knowledge.