Shaker’s Favorite Songs


Anya Vedhathiri, Social Media Team / Advice Column

Music.  It’s a part of all of our lives, and yet it serves a different purpose for each of us. Many students listen to music while doing homework as it makes the experience less boring and helps lengthen their attention span.  Others look to music as a way to cheer themselves up when they are feeling down.  But regardless of what music means to us, we all have different tastes and preferences.  Some listen to retro classics, while some prefer newer electronic beats.  The wide array of different genres and songs is one of the things that makes music so interesting.  But what do students at Shaker have playing through their headphones? Here are some recommendations from freshmen.


“Late Night Talking” by Harry Styles

Harry Styles is definitely one of the most well known names in the world of pop music. The student who chose this song as her favorite says it’s because of the catchy melody. More specifically, she said that “the chorus really stands out, it’s guaranteed to get stuck in your head.”  “Late Night Talking” is a song that fits with mainstream trends, using elements from genres such as indie pop to create pop music that is upbeat and fun.  The instrumental uses distorted vocals as its main sound effect, something found in a lot of electronic music.  Overall, the song is designed to reach the largest audience, so while it isn’t futuristic or overly unique, it aligns with a lot of people’s personal tastes.


“Government Hooker” by Lady Gaga

According to the student who recommended this song, it has a “unique and enchanting vibe.”  It’s almost electronic rock, and features a few subtle key changes that keep you on your toes.  The mix of electric guitar, video game-like clicks, and snare heavy percussion creates a unique sound.  This song will definitely bring you back to 2016.  It definitely doesn’t fit with current trends, so if that’s something you like, check this one out.


“Dice” by NMIXX

Now if you aren’t one for the mainstream trends, this song may be perfect for you.  With its unexpected beat changes and unique lack of song structure, it’s a song that’s hated by many and loved by others.  The song features a blend of loud rapping and strong vocals.  It can feel confusing at times and it takes a few listens to start liking it as it’s an acquired taste, so it’s definitely not a song for everyone.  “Dice” falls under the category of Noise Music, the newest genre that’s taking the K-Pop industry by storm.  While this song is great to listen to, it’s not all too easy to perform.  The choreography features backbreaking contortions and fast movements, which makes it hard to maintain stability on the high pitched vocal parts of the song.  If you listen to music to dance and sing along to, this might not be the best song for you.


“Golden Hour” by JVKE

For all of my ballad lovers, this song is slow and emotional with dreamlike qualities.  The use of echoes in the pre-chorus gives it an ethereal vibe.  Despite being a ballad, the upbeat piano in the instrumental makes it a great listen for everyone, even if you’re a fan of fast paced songs.  Overall, it’s a song that many people can enjoy on a cold day, and we’ll be getting a lot of those as winter rolls around.