Milk and Cereal

Andrew Huang, Contributing Writer

Dump in cereal. Hear them ring as they spring from box to bowl.

Crunchety, crispity, delicious, sweet treat.

Pour the dairy, like silk as it rolls

Into the bowl. Cereal floats up, beaming, spinning, upbeat.

Pockets of toasted goodness, afloat on the shoal,

Floating tourists on the lazy river.


The satisfying crunch, like stepping on fresh sand.

The milk, cool and soothing, runs down your throat.

like a shark smelling blood, the desire for more it provokes.

You gobble up the rest of the cereal.


All that’s left is milk, sweet nectar infused with sugary delight.

Drink that down, gratify the craving, with your final bite.

Savor the satiety, the sensation of satisfaction of appetite.

Alight the start of day bright.