Shaker Schedules

Shaker Schedules

Lucy Lee, Writer

Currently, students enrolled in Shaker High School all follow the same  scheduling system. The schedule has many benefits but it is also inconvenient for students in many different ways too. 

The schedule consists of 8 periods and 4 letter days, which creates a complex program of 32-day rotations. Furthermore, since each period is 46 minutes, one class has to be rotated out to fit the 6 hours and 47 minute school days. This  32-day rotation may be very challenging to understand. 8th-period rotates while changing letter days, meaning classes before 8th are one letter and periods after 8th are a different letter. Due to the complexity of this schedule, students often need to refer to the monthly rotation chart provided on the school website and posted on walls. They also need constant reminders every day from their friends and morning announcements. 


6th-period, or lunch, can make things even more complex. Many new students misunderstand how lunch works. 6th period separates into three sections: A, B, and C. Students figure out their lunch groups according to the location of their 6th-period class. Students who have a different class on different days during sixth period, for example gym periods, need to remember the day so they know when to eat. 


This system of 8th-period rotation may also influence students academically. Every class “rotates out” every 8 days.  Some teachers do not fancy this skip because it delays their lesson plans and could lead to students neglecting what they have previously learned and studied. Some teachers also argue that the skip reduces the total time of the courses in a year. Maybe having consistent schedule would be better? 

 Should the school look at simplifying our schedule or move to create a whole new one in order to have more manageable and accessible environment for both students and teachers.