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Advice Column

How do I get over my fear of insects?
How do I stop forgetting things?
I’m struggling to pinpoint a name for myself that feels right. To those with experience in these matters, do you have any tips that could benefit me and others struggling with a similar problem?
I’m really interested in computer science, but I feel pressured to be a doctor. What should I do?
Goat Addiction
When was this school made?
How do I connect with them again?
How can I become a better water drinker?
Do you have any advice for waking up on time and getting better sleep?
Any suggestions on staying in touch with friends who are full remote or in the opposite cohort?
Is it financially worth it to spend 8 years in school, 3 years in residency, and 1 year on internship for a well-paying job (over $300,000 salary)?
How do I figure out what I want my career to be?
What’s the best way to beat quarantine boredom? Best pizza in Latham?
College Tips?
How do I not catch a crush for someone???
Are you able to change your schedule before 2nd semester?
What if we make an E-Sport gaming class?
What are some ways I can get rid of stress during quarantine?
Why Should We Have An Advice Column?

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